Phasor Marine

PHASOR Marine is known in the marine industry for the simplicity of their wiring and controller systems. This allows customers to easily troubleshoot without having to deal with difficult and expensive electronic diagnostics controllers. Powered by KUBOTA Engine and Newage Stamford Electrical Generator Back End.


Standard K Series - 1800 RPM, Heat Exchanger Cooled, KUBOTA Powered, 60 Hz

ModelRatingOpenSound Shield
K3-7.07.0 kW$7,880$9,405
K3-8.58.5 kW$8,194$9,719
K3-9.59.5 kW$9,101$10,626
K4-12.512.5 kW$10,773$12,768
K4-15.015.0 kW$11,355$13,460
K4-17.517.5 kW$12,369$14,474
K4-21.021.0 kW$13,383$15,488
K4-24.024.0 kWN/AN/A
K4-30.030.0 kW$18,417$21,317
K4-34.034.0 kW$20,259$23,159
Sound shield dimensions

Standard J Series - 1800 RPM, Heat Exchanger Cooled, JOHN DEERE Powered, 60 Hz

ModelRatingOpenSound Shield
JD4-6565 kW$28,770$34,160
JD4-8080 kW$36,110$41,500
JD4-9984 KW$36,609$41,999

Compact K Series - (Brush Type) This Series is used when client needs more power & the compartment space is limited. This Series will come with KUBOTA Powered1800 RPM, 3 Cylinders, Heat Exchanger Cooled, 60 Hz.

ModelRatingOpenSound Shield
K3-6.56.5 kW$7,689$9,214
K3-8.08.0 kW$8,354$9,879
K3-10.010.0 kW$9,728$11,253
K4-12.012.0 kW$10,894$12,889
15.0 kW$12,503$14,608

Low Profile - Belt driven, 60 Hz

ModelRatingOpenSound Shield
LP1-3.53.5 kW$5,032.00$6,357